4 Ways You Can Harm Your Immune System Health

November 29, 2017

4 Ways You Can Harm Your Immune System Health

Healthy immunity not only protects you from the occasional cold, but also supports your body in fighting and warding off more serious infections, bacteria and viruses.

According to Learner, the key to fighting off infections is a strong immune system. Here are 4 things that can cause serious harm to the health of your immune system.


Being exposed to continued stress causes the adrenal glands to produce extra cortisol to fight that stress. When you experience sustained levels of high stress it kills immune system cells.

Poor Sleep

Studies have shown that sleeping less than 7 hours impairs the immune system’s ability to function properly. When you aren’t getting enough, sleep cells and antibodies that fight infection are reduced.

No Exercise

Everyone needs time to sit back and relax, but uptime is just as important as downtime. Studies suggest that exercise provides a great boost to the immune system, as it strengthens the body’s cells, attacking bacteria.

During exercise, the body produces antibodies that react to viruses- they locate them, and then destroy them.

Poor Nutrition & Dehydration

Healthy nutrition should include vegetables and fruit. A healthy diet that will effectively serve the immune system should avoid excessively consuming processed foods, refined sugar, highly processed foods, chemical additives, and pesticides.

Additionally, our bodies are two thirds water. Drinking plenty of water is crucial for your body, and most importantly, it’s great for the immune system.

By staying hydrated, your body will be able to eliminate waste materials and toxins. It makes the immune system far more efficient at fighting infection.

Dehydration affects the energy levels, and your ability to sleep which makes exercise less likely. All of these are triggers for a weak immune system.

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