Grissel's Story

June 12, 2018

Grissel's Story

From 16 Meds to 0

My name is Grissel. 
I’m a mother of 7 and grandmother of 5. 

I’m a very family oriented puerto rican woman who used to love going to my family parties full of food, music and laughs. 

Life was good watching my kids get older and have their own kids. I wanted to live long enough to watch them all grow. 

But this was all jeopardized when I got sick... 

I ended up spending 14 years of my life in so much physical pain that I wasn’t able to live like a normal person.

I had debilitating chronic MIGRAINES that would shut my life down!

MIGRAINES are an invisible monster. They would sneak up and tackle me and sometimes last for a whole week. I don't wish this discomfort on anyone! 

If that wasn't enough, years later in 2011, I was diagnosed with: 

High Blood Pressure
Rheumatoid Arthritis 


It was very difficult for me to actually get up and get out of my house. I had to quit the job that I loved and go on disability. I wasn’t able to spend quality time with my children. And I wasn’t able to leave the house and go to family functions. 

I ended up on 16 medications!  I would go to one doctor, and that one doctor would send me to another doctor and that doctor would send me to another. Each doctor would put me on drugs. 

My life was miserable.  

I kept myself locked up in isolation. You see, It goes beyond the physical pain. It turns into depression. I was living an awful life!

I kept asking myself; what did I do to deserve this level of suffering? 

And I eventually reached a point where I wondered If I would ever be able to see my kids and grandkids grow up. 

One day I went to a seminar with Kevin W. Reese. He moved me! His teachings let me know that I could heal. I was filled with hope!

When I heard he came out with a new program, I enrolled immediately. What did I have to lose?

Only a few weeks into the program, I noticed my head pressure start to fade. It was so weird because I would wake up expecting it. I had been so attached to my symptoms. 

Around day 45 of the program, my horrible migraines were completely gone! Shocking! 

Soon my blood pressure regulated and my joint pain started fading. My medications were cut in half! What was happening!? 

One doctor said to me, "Keep doing what you're doing." And another doctor said "We don't see eye-to-eye” and marked me down as a non compliant patient. 

By Day 100 I was down to only a few medications and my energy was completely restored.  I was functional for the first time in so long! My children noticed too!

Soon I was off all medication! From 16 to 0! 

I haven't had a migraine in nearly two years now and my joint pain is gone. I’m out and about and even go to the gym. I feel free. 

For so long, I was trapped in a box and nobody seemed to understand my pain. 

I’m like a preacher now! I can’t help but spread the truth.  Every time I hear somebody complain about migraines, or joint pain or fatigue, I’m like, “I used to have that, go read Kevin’s book!”  I just get emotional about it. I wish more people would believe. 

Being sick is hard. You become a prisoner to your pain and not many people understand it. 

I’m so happy Kevin put the program in a book. 

No one has to suffer to the level that I did! I don’t want it for them. 

I hope more people will read his book, do the program and shock their doc and reclaim their health like I did.