Healthy Eating For Healthy Lungs

November 21, 2017

Healthy Eating For Healthy Lungs

Our body is made up of vital organs that continue to perform their functions even while sleeping. We continue to breathe without conscious thought.

Our body also relies on nutritious foods to keep everything working properly. Our lungs are an important organ so it makes sense to feed them well.


While carrots are famous for their beta-carotene, they also contain lycopene which is responsible for its color. Lycopene helps prevent the growth of lung cancer cells. The beta-carotene content of carrots is also helpful for staving off lung cancer Indeed, carrots serve as a nutritional goldmine for lung health because they are rich in falcarinol, lutein, zeaxanthin and other antioxidants that are beneficial in preventing the onset of lung deterioration.


Oranges are loaded with potassium and vitamin C.  Vitamin C helps prevent respiratory infections as well as other bronchial inflammation.

While citrus fruits are popular for their vitamin C content, oranges definitely are a winner.  The lung-cleansing effects of oranges helps break down and expel congestion caused by cold, flu and bronchitis.


Its pungent flavor provides a stimulating effect that helps improve circulation, and promote perspiration to speed up the healing process of colds and flu. Onions contain mild irritants that send messages to the lungs and signal it to start mucous-thinning secretions that lead to runny nose and watery eyes.


Radish has anti-congestive compounds that help reduce congestion and irritation in the throat, nose, wind-pipe and lungs.


Researchers said that this can be due to the flavonoids called khellin that are known to be helpful in opening up the airways.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are known for relaxing muscles. Eating flax seeds may help with keeping your airways open making you less vulnerable to asthma attacks.

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