High Intensity Vs Low Intensity In Your Workouts

October 25, 2017

High Intensity Vs Low Intensity In Your Workouts

Many times people don’t take the time to consider their workouts and how what they do will affect results. Mindless exercise will not bring you optimal results, and so it is important to take the time and consider the actual workout, and your progress of its effects. One of the key considerations in profiling and designing an excellent exercise program is considering intensity levels.

High Intensity

This type of exercising is definitely the most popular type of exercising because people appreciate the fact that it gives much more results in less time. We are all hard pressed for time and many would rather get their workout done and over with so they can move on to their many other responsibilities.

How does a high intensity workout deliver more results?

High intensity is pretty self explanatory. You’ll be working your body much harder during a high intensity workout than a low intensity workout so you’ll be burning more calories in less time. High intensity burns more calories because you reach about 75% or your maximum heart rate as opposed to only 50% of your maximum heart during low intensity workouts. Your metabolism will be really pumping and you will continue to burn more calories after completing a high intensity workouts. You also burn more calories from fat per minute than you would doing a low intensity workout.

So you can see why people would choose high intensity workouts. If the goal is to burn fat, gain strength, and do it in less time, this is the right choice.

Unfortunately, many cannot take advantage of high intensity workouts for various reasons. It should also be noted that high intensity workouts shouldn’t be overdone as it could be very taxing on the body and cause a burnout.

Examples of high intensity workouts are: sprinting, interval training with bodyweight exercises, and plyometric.

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