How Laughter Can Improve Your Overall Health

October 27, 2017

How Laughter Can Improve Your Overall Health

Laughter is Strong Medicine

Laughter can be a strong antidote to conflict, pain, and stress. The use of humor can lighten your burdens, connect you to others, inspire your hope, and keep you focused, alert, and grounded.

How Is Laughter Good For Your Health?

Laughter can do many things for your health. These include the following:

    Laughter can increase your immune system

    Laughter is relaxing

    Laughter releases endorphins

    Laughter can help the heart

The Overall Benefits Of Laughter

Laughter is known to have many health benefits, including physical, emotional, and social benefits.

Some of these include the following:

    Decreases your stress levels

    Increases your immunity

    Relaxes your muscles

    Protects your heart

    Lessens pain

    Relieves stress

    Adds joy to your life

    Enhances your mood

    Improves your resilience


Laughter And Mental Health

Laughter is associated with better mental health. Some things laughter can do to improve your mental health include the following:

    Laughter allows you to relax

    Laughter can lessen stress

    Laughter shifts your perspective

Laughter Has Social Benefits

When you use humor and engage in playful communication with others, your relationships become stronger and you trigger positive emotions and an emotional connection with those you are laughing with.

How To Create More Opportunities To Laugh

There are things you can do to increase your chances of laughing. Here are some you might try:

    Attend a comedy club

    Read the comics in the newspaper

    Be with people who are funny

    Share a funny story or joke with another

    Read a funny book

    Play with your pet

    Play with children

    Do something you think is silly

    Engage in activities you consider fun

A good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after.  Although there are no quick fixes for anything in life, remarkably, a good laugh can instantly begin to reduce  nasty stress hormones that are intertwined with anxiety. Laughter gets to work immediately, and a regular “diet” of laughter continues to decrease anxiety over time.

Laugher can do a lot to help you feel better on a physical, emotional, and cognitive level. Don’t be afraid to share a good laugh with others for all around better health.

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