How Reading Improves Memory And Brain Power

October 23, 2017

How Reading Improves Memory And Brain Power

Why bother reading a book when you can watch a movie adaption or listen to an audio version of it?

There’s a big difference between watching/listening and reading. According to a study published in the Brain Connectivity journal, you can experience a number of benefits from reading. The study found that the most brain benefits could be experienced from reading fiction. The reason why fiction is particularly helpful when it comes to improving brain power is because it makes you put yourself in another person’s shoes and use your imagination.

There are countless titles to choose from, and they will all improve your brain health. Here are some of the main benefits you can experience from reading.

Reading Enhances Focus

Effective readers have incredible focus. When reading a book, you’ll pay attention to every single detail to fully understand the story. Start by reading only 10-20 pages a day. Once your focus improves, you’ll be able to read much more.

Reading Improves Memory

You won’t really comprehend what you’re reading if you don’t remember certain details, you’ve read early on in the book. To fully understand a book, you’ll need to remember every character mentioned, as well as their backgrounds. This is exactly why books will keep your memory sharp.

Reading Encourages Analytical Skills

People who read frequently are able to spot patterns more quickly than non-readers are.

Reading Decreases Stress Levels

Most people spend a huge portion of their time trying to juggle numerous activities at once. This can elevate your stress levels, which can be very dangerous, seeing as how stress is one of the main causes of numerous health problems. Reading will allow you to finally escape from your everyday troubles and enter a whole other world. This will provide you with the relaxation that you need in order to remain healthy.

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