Insomnia and Depression

October 16, 2017

Insomnia and Depression

Sleep deprivation affects millions of people every night. When you don’t get enough sleep the results can have a negative impact on the things that your body needs to do to function correctly.

If you do not get enough of the right sleep, there are all sorts of problems that you can experience on a daily basis:

✓ Emotional problems

✓ Energy levels drop

✓ Memory problems

✓ Mental acuity

✓ Depression

If you want to discover if you are lacking the proper amount of sleep, write down things such as when you went to bed, what time you woke up, did you look at the clock during the night, times during the day when you took a nap.

After keeping a journal, check to see if you have any signs of exhaustion, fatigue or a lack of physical energy.

Without the proper amount of sleep your brain doesn’t have the chance to rest. Your thinking and speaking become cloudy and affects your memory. You sometimes can’t perform tasks because you are physically exhausted. Your movement becomes weakened and limited. When these symptoms occur, you can become depressed. When you have medical problems or illnesses, this can also cause you to become depressed which in turn can cause you to become sleep deprived. Conversely, you can also get too much sleep from depression. In a depressed state of mind, you feel numb to the world, are lethargic and sleeping is easier than dealing with the problems you are facing.

Clinical depression is considered a mood disorder. You can experience feelings of sadness, helplessness, and you feel hopeless and worthless. Clinical depression is described as feeling blue or sad for long periods of time. These feelings become intense and your depression can keep you from feeling normal and living a basically normal life.

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