Diet, De-Stress, Detox - Mp3 Audio Book

Use your ears to experience Kevin W. Reese's critically acclaimed book with this Mp3 audio version, read by Kevin himself.


Virtually three books in one, “Diet, De-Stress, Detox” will teach and inspire you to heal mentally and physically while living a happy life full of vitality. 

Through his transformational journey and experiences working with clients, Kevin W. Reese created an exclusive one-year program based on his theory of balancing diet, de-stressing, and detoxing. Believing that one “D” doesn’t work well without the other, Kevin has greatly improved the quality of his client’s lives with his abundance of knowledge and unique teaching method. In an attempt to promote change by reaching a larger audience, he’s converted his popular program into an interactive new book. Now, for the first time ever the “Three D Life” is available to the public as a formula to reclaim your health and vitality.

In this dynamic book, you will learn the what’s, why’s, and how’s of healthful foods as you adapt a natural eating practice that promotes a high-energy life (DIET). You will learn how the mind operates so you can effectively manage stress and break addictions as you discover a life full of self-control (De-Stress).  And you will learn the fundamentals of cleansing your insides naturally as you remove unwanted impurities (Detox).