THE PEOPLE vs. CHRONIC ILLNESS: The Secret Evidence, Knowledge and Solution for Living Pain & Drug Free

What if you could live pain & drug-free?  Would you be willing to FIGHT for it?

Evidence: The book starts with Kevin interviewing THE PEOPLE who took his revolutionary EAT THE SUNLIGHT program and defeated such chronic health issues as; migraines, psoriasis, gastritis, asthma, allergies, IBS, type ll diabetes, sciatica nerve pain, eczema, sleep apnea, colitis and more.

Knowledge: Reese then goes on to explain how the human body functions at the cellular level and teaches how to heal through diet, de-stressing and detoxing.

Solution:  Reese then reveals his 120 day course that created these eye-opening results in the first place. Now, more sufferers can fight and become part of THE PEOPLE.

ALSO, Inside the book, you'll be given the link the the secret FB group where you can meet THE PEOPLE and gain a support system. 


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