A Dynamic Public Speaker
As a sought-after speaker, Kevin’s been invited to universities, health expo’s, churches, high schools, children events, and correctional institutions. 

See What They're Saying:

"Kevin performed a talk for my nursing students, and they left with information that they can use throughout their school careers and beyond. They laughed, they cried, and most importantly they learned how to reduce stress and live happier lives."
-Rashida Williams
Instructor at Stone Academy
"It was a pleasure to have Kevin teach at our church, his seminar was eye-opening, informative, and encouraging. We certainly see food and health in a new light. "
-Bishop Beason
Senior Pastor at Mount Carmel
"Kevin's talk at my university was great! His charisma as a speaker and expertise as a health educator are exceptional. The students were inspired and they walked away with information they can apply to their everyday lives."
-Avery Floyd
President of the M.A.L.E.S Club, ECSU

Leave Your Audience Inspired!

"I really believe other people need to see what Kevin has to say. He doesn't push anything on you, he just gives you facts and really makes you think about what you put into your body." 
- Rene Prescott
"The entertainment aspect of his presentation style helps keep your attention. I got a lot out of today. It was really enlightening, uplifting, and empowering. Now I feel like I do anything." 
- Jen Thompson
"Kevin's seminar was incredible. I've been watching my health for 13 years and now it's so much clearer scientifically to me." 
- Joseph Cole
"Kevin's class helped me improve my quality of life as I immediately examined the decisions I was making. Kevin has a way of breaking down complicated theories and ideas into easily understood concepts and he does it often with a sense of humor. As a personal trainer I have found that I have incorporated some of his ideas into my training." 
- Ron Lindner 
I've seen many speakers talk about health, but Kevin is the only one I've seen that can touch the younger generation. It's a combination of his age, humor, and analogies that make him exciting and relatable. He's going to break down barriers!" 
- Nadia Smith
"I had such a great time today at Kevin's seminar. I laughed until I cried. The examples that he used to break down what happens in your body when you eat bad were very educational and funny. It was simple enough for people to grasp." 
- Shelby Ricks

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A Captivating Story
Before becoming a health professional, Kevin was an unhealthy on-air host at CBS Radio where he interviewed celebrities, hosted concerts, and was known as a “shock jock.” A cigarette smoker with a severe food addiction, he eventually found himself on heart monitors at twenty-eight years old. Tired and fed up, he took control back by losing nearly eighty pounds, quitting smoking, and reversing chronic issues.

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