The People

EPISODE #13:  In this episode, Kevin talks to Paulette, 64, who would wake up choking in the middle of the night from a horrible combo of sleep apnea and acid reflux. We also dive into her annual bronchitis, hypertension and how everything is now vanished in 120 days.  


EPISODE #12:  In this episode, Kevin talks to Tara about her horrible stomach cramps that altered her lifestyle and her Triglycerides going down over 100 points! 


EPISODE #11:  In this episode, Kevin talks to Kelvin who's addiction to drugs and alcohol landed him in prison. After an awakening, he transformed his life and is now a holistic healer helping others. 

EPISODE #10:  In this episode, Kevin talks to Eilyn who's life of lupus, diabetes, psoriasis, IBS and horrible RA pain kept her from going out and being productive. In this interview she details her struggles, victories and experiences with her skeptic doctors. 

EPISODE #9:  In this episode, Kevin talks to Lori who's harsh allergy flare ups used to send her to the emergency room as her throat would close up and she couldn't breathe. She also details her painful kidneys stone attacks and the procedures that were done to her. 

EPISODE #8: In this episode, Kevin talks to Sissi who couldn't walk or use the bathroom from a sudden case of Transverse Myelitis. In this emotional interview, her sister joins us to help tell the story which includes fibromyalgia, chronic swelling and constipation that had Sissi bed ridden and scared for her life.  

EPISODE #7: In this episode, Kevin talks to Grissel who went from 16 meds to ZERO! In this emotional story, we hear how this mother of 7 had to miss family events because she was isolated in a dark room from horrible migraine attacks. We also hear about her brain surgery and how she went back n forth to her Doctors for her Lupus. 

EPISODE #6:  In this episode, Kevin talks to Joann about Colitis ruining her life and how she finally found freedom from it... all while shocking her physician.


EPISODE #5: In this episode, Kevin talks to Danielle who is no longer on asthma inhalers after 30 years! She also has no more eczema outbreaks, IBS pain or allergy flare ups. 

EPISODE #4:  In this episode, Kevin talks to Keysha who suffered from migraines, psoriasis, and fibroids, even as a 20 year veteran in the medical field. 

EPISODE #3:  In this episode, Kevin W. Reese interviews Kelsey about her severe stomach cramping that sent her to the ER almost every time she had her monthly period. She also goes into detail on her 8 years of migraines, acne and nearly 40 LB weight loss. 

EPISODE #2: In this episode, Kevin W. Reese interviews Amber, who's shocked doctor took her off her meds after suffering from high blood pressure for 7 years! She also beat migraines, tender lumps, stomach pains & more. 

EPISODE #1: In this episode, Kevin W. Reese interviews Tina, who suffered from IBS, ulcers, pancreatititis and had a pre cancerous tumor that led to an awful exeperience with the medical field.