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Grissel vs Chronic Illness

In this episode, Dr. Reese talks to Grissel who went from 16 meds to ZERO! In this emotional story, we hear how this mother of 7 had to miss family events because she was isolated in a dark room from horrible migraine attacks. We also hear about her brain surgery and how she went back n forth to her Doctors for her Lupus.

Sissi vs Chronic Illness

In this episode, Kevin talks to Sissi who couldn't walk or use the bathroom from a sudden case of Transverse Myelitis. In this emotional interview, her sister joins us to help tell the story which includes fibromyalgia, chronic swelling and constipation that had Sissi bed ridden and scared for her life.

Amber vs Chronic Illness

In this episode, Kevin W. Reese interviews Amber, who's shocked doctor took her off her meds after suffering from high blood pressure for 7 years! She also beat migraines, tender lumps, stomach pains & more.

Cateja vs. Chronic Illness

In this episode, Kevin talks with Cateja who lived with sciatica nerve pain for 7 years not knowing when a flare up would sideline her life. After falling off the ETS120 course, she came back and the 2nd time was the charm as her sciatica pain disappeared on day 80!

Samantha vs Chronic Illness

In this episode, Kevin talks to Samantha who's Eczema was so harsh her hands would get infected. But when the doctor only treated her symptoms with steroid cream, she became suspicious. As a bartender, she also struggled with coffee addiction, alcohol and a fast paced lifestyle, until she did the ETS120 program.

Eilyn vs Chronic Illness

In this episode, Kevin talks to Eilyn who's life of lupus, diabetes, psoriasis, IBS and horrible RA pain kept her from going out and being productive. In this interview she details her struggles, victories and experiences with her skeptic doctors.

Lori vs Chronic Illness

In this episode, Kevin talks to Lori who's harsh allergy flare ups used to send her to the emergency room as her throat would close up and she couldn't breathe. She also details her painful kidneys stone attacks and the procedures that were done to her.

Tara vs Chronic Illness

In this episode, Kevin talks to Tara about her horrible stomach cramps that altered her lifestyle and her Triglycerides going down over 100 points!

Joann vs Chronic Illness

In this episode, Kevin talks to Joann about Colitis ruining her life and how she finally found freedom from it... all while shocking her physician.

Danielle vs Chronic Illness

In this episode, Kevin talks to Danielle who is no longer on asthma inhalers after 30 years! She also has no more eczema outbreaks, IBS pain or allergy flare ups.

Keysha vs Chronic Illness

In this episode, Kevin talks to Keysha who suffered from migraines, psoriasis, and fibroids, even as a 20 year veteran in the medical field.

Kelsey vs Chronic Illness

In this episode, Kevin W. Reese interviews Kelsey about her severe stomach cramping that sent her to the ER almost every time she had her monthly period. She also goes into detail on her 8 years of migraines, acne and nearly 40 LB weight loss.

Tina vs Chronic Illness

In this episode, Kevin W. Reese interviews Tina, who suffered from IBS, ulcers, pancreatititis and had a pre cancerous tumor that led to an awful exeperience with the medical field.

Paulette vs Chronic Illness

In this episode, Kevin talks to Paulette, 64, who would wake up choking in the middle of the night from a horrible combo of sleep apnea and acid reflux. We also dive into her annual bronchitis, hypertension and how everything is now vanished in 120 days.

Amazing 60 Second Stories

More People, Not On Camera

Grandma Can Sleep Now
My grandmother has sleep apnea and never has a night where she sleeps for a solid 6 hours. She goes to bed very late and then wakes up a few hrs later and is up for the day. My coworker recommended the Daily Cleanser tea for me, but when I saw there was a sleep-aid on here, I couldn't resist. I've asked my grandmother her results multiple times now and she truly notices a difference when she drinks a cup before bed. She does still wake up in the middle of the night but if she makes herself another cup, she can fall back asleep!! I have NEVER heard of anything working for her like this tea does. I am so thankful for it and will be buying as much of it as my grandma needs.

Hair Growing Back
“I started as a damaged, defeated and toxic person whose hair was falling out. I lived off of soda & cigarettes and thought the world revolved around me! But Kevin has such a unique teaching style, and it makes it hard not to listen. Although I resisted at first, I started to understand the teachings and began applying them. I stopped drinking soda. I stopped smoking. I lost weight. And my hair is growing back! The biggest thing that I have learned from the program is that gratitude changes everything! They used to tell me I was “ungrateful”. And now I’m grateful for everything. 

- Natasha
Off Blood Pressure Meds
"I have suffered with High Blood Pressure and Gout for a number of years requiring me to take several different medications daily. On December 16, 2014 I left the doctor's office slightly depressed because even with the medication I was on my Blood pressure was still elevated at 151/102 to the point he increased my dosage. I purchased ‘Diet, De-stress, Detox’ right after the Holidays 2014 and read it immediately. I began following the recommendations and cleared out my cabinets & fridge that was full of processed foods etc. While I was following Kevin's program I returned to the doctor for my 6 week check up and my blood pressure was 126/92. Needless to say I was ecstatic and my doctor said whatever you are doing keep it up. Little does he know I never complied with the increased dosage. I just was Eating the Sunlight as prescribed in Kevin's book. I also want to mention that in that period of time I lost 25 pounds. This book and Kevin came into my life at the absolute right time. Kevin, thank you for changing your life and helping others to do the same." 

- Mack
Thyroid Symptoms Gone
“Reading this book has given me a start to a whole new healthy me. Struggling with thyroid disease for several years, I decided to take my health back and after completing this book I took the challenge to eat the sunlight, and live a 3DLife of Diet, De-Stress, Detox. The best part is how much healthier, focused, energized, lighter I feel; LOVE it. On top of all of this all my thyroid symptoms are gone. I don't think I'm completely healed yet, but I'm well on my way. Thanks Kevin W. Reese for your book: Diet, De-Stress, Detox. It's been a tremendous start to my new healthy lifestyle.” 

- Christina 
Lost 50 Pounds
“I started this program in a different place than I am now. I lost 50 pounds, so that’s a big change. I thought the de-stress phase was going to be some different meditations, a yoga move here and a “omm” chant there, but I didn’t expect it to be an introspective of how we think and deal with things. There were issues I confronted that I had been dealing with since 14 years old. It was an opportunity to let go of everything and now those topics come up and in life and they roll off my back. The de-stress portion of this program gave me the opportunity to be the person I want to be. You know, people always tell you that you need to change, but no one ever gives you the “how-to” or the manual. This program gave me the manual. Outside of the 50 pounds, I am no longer in need of milk, which is huge because I’ve been drinking of gallons of milk my whole life and now I know I don’t need it. This process has been eye opening. I’m very thankful that I have the tools and that understanding that I need to move forward with this lifestyle. I’m only 28 and I have a lot of time to practice.” 

- Christina 
Quit Smoking 
“Grateful is a huge understatement for how I feel about the program and how it has changed my life. I had smoked for 24 years and quitting finally seemed like a lost cause. Well, thanks to the program here we are at the beginning of phase 3 and I haven't touched a cigarette in over a month without any substitute chemicals! I thought i simply did not have the willpower to do it but by utilizing the tools provided in this program I have become so much more emotionally and mentally balanced that I was able to quit. I would have to say that meditation and yoga have been the most useful for me in my day to day life. Like anyone else I have tons of random issues that come flying towards me at any given time. Had I not been taught how to react accordingly I definitely would still be extremely unhealthy and headed nowhere fast.  And as a mom, that was far from where I needed and wanted to be. Now I'm glad to also be able to pass my healthier habits down to my children. The benefits have been endless and I could go on all day!” 

- Monica 
This Book Could Change Society
“I am so thankful to finally have a complete guide for reclaiming my health. It is amazing how uninformed and misinformed society is about health and this book provides so many powerful examples of how chronic illness has become the norm, but more importantly, how it can be overcome. I have never written a review for anything I have purchased but this book absolutely deserves to be recognized. This book could save society if everyone read it and utilized the tools and information it provides. I cannot thank the author Kevin W. Reese enough for the newfound hope he has given me. He is truly an inspiration and everyone and anyone can benefit from his knowledge.”  

2 Cysts Gone
“Since I have been eating "the Sunlight" this past year, I have gone off 5 medications including Blood Pressure, have had 2 cysts go away, and have lost weight. Also, the inflammation in my esophagus and stomach has gone away and without prescription medication!! I feel like this is quite an accomplishment at the young age of 67.” 

- Ellen Berson 
Changed Outlook
“Great book! I've been looking for a new start for quite a while. Knowing you need to change your life and doing it are two different things. I started following Kevin Reese on Twitter and was quickly drawn to his perspective on food. The more I looked into his teachings, the more I wanted to know! I bought this book and finished it in two days because I just couldn't put it down. He has changed my outlook on food and has guided me down a path of healthier living!!” 

- Kelly
Timing is Everything
“This book could not have come out at a more appropriate time in my life. I have been down the path of seeing medical doctors and they just come up completely clueless. I am so tired of being poked and prodded for nothing. This book is so informative and it teaches us that our bodies have a natural way of healing themselves if we would just allow that to happen by listening to our bodies and giving them proper nutrients instead of consuming so many horrible processed foods/chemicals. The author goes into great detail as to how our bodies function and how we can help ourselves if we heed the warning signs our bodies are telling us. My favorite part about Kevin W Reese is that he is so hilarious. I am a very visual learner and for all of you out there who learn visually you are going to love this book. He breaks things down and describes them in a way that our minds can truly grab hold of."  
- Lisa
Miracle Working Tea
“This tea is absolutely amazing!! I have been trying to use many things to clear up my skin, and this has definitely became a miracle worker. I am seeing such a difference! Highly recommend this tea!”

 - Annette 
Even My Husband is Excited
“I honestly loved this book! It was insightful, funny, and made me excited about the journey I am about to embark on. I would recommend this book to everyone! My husband is even excited to start eating the sunlight with me!” 

- Tondalea 
Lost 30 Pounds
“Personally, the brain fog and lack of focus has been lifted. I definitely have more energy. I’ve lost 30 pounds, my stomach is flatter, and my waist size has shrunk. This program brought awareness on what I put into my body. Like if I have a stomach ache, before It would just be like “Oh I have a tummy ache”, but now I actually can analyze what I did to cause that tummy ache. I don’t see myself ever eating meat or dairy again. I was a “cheeseoholic”, I loved cheese, but I don’t need it anymore. I feel like things are working better inside me.  I have a passion towards health now and have even been helping my friends with their health.”

 - Amy Abo 
Determined to Never Have Surgery Again
“The Three D Lifestyle allowed me to gradually begin to make serious changes to important areas affecting my health: my diet, my stress management, and detoxification. I first tried the program after having surgery for endometriosis and I was determined to never have surgery again. The program has changed my life and I will never look at food, stress, and detox the same again. The program also helped me to realize areas of strength and weakness both mentally and physically and to understand myself in a completely different way. In sum, everything I learned in the program was invaluable and I am so glad that I took this important step to ensure my health and wellness. Coach Reese is extremely supportive, knowledgeable, and a great motivator.”  

- Nakia
Famous DJ Loses 80 Pounds
“I’ve traveled the world DJing, been on the road with Jadakiss, Mobb Deep and recently French Montana. I’ve always worked hard, I’m a workaholic, but I never put my health in order. A lot of my DJ buddies were going out and getting the surgery, I didn’t have health insurance and didn’t have the money for it.  I was 310 pounds, and now I weigh 230. Kevin stayed on me even when I didn’t want to hear it. It just finally kicked in and here I am 80 pounds later. I want to wholeheartedly thank Kevin for helping me change my life. Eating the Sunlight works!” 

- Mike “DJ Big Mike” Wilcox
I Can Reverse My Conditions
"Our cars come with an instruction manual, appliances come with instructions. Electronics and cameras come with instructional DVD’s. EVERYTHING has a DVD, an insert, a pamphlet, instructions, diagrams, SOMETHING. Our bodies do not come with "How To" instructions, so we go through life blindly abusing our life force, our temple. Kevin W. Reese gave me the instruction manual for my body at a Sunlight Seminar. The good thing, I can reverse conditions and heal myself, I just needed the directions. Now I feel enlightened, I understand how truly amazing my body really is. Thanks to Kevin, I know what I need to do to keep it functioning properly at its peak." 

- Linda 
Satisfied Eating Fruits & Veggies 
“I think I’ve changed tremendously. I’m more calm and focused. I used to have stress about what others thought about me and if I was a good enough mother. And now what others think doesn’t define me. The diet has been life changing. If you told me I would be satisfied eating fruits and vegetables with no protein and no bread I would tell you there is no way that would happen. Now I feel like crap if I don’t eat like that. I know it’s right for me. And I can tell others think it’s right for me because of the compliments. And it’s not hard. I always thought this diet would be hard. So overall, I’ve changed my mindset. It’s about me and my health and making my family healthy and not what others think of me.” 

- Jen 
He Had Me By Page 20
“When a book comes along that speaks to you on a personal level, you just have to share it with the world! Kevin had me by like page 20!! I have seriously never "dog eared" a book the way I did this one! I will be going back through it frequently! It was everything I've been feeling, thinking and deep down KNOWING... And here it all is- in black & white! Sure from the cover you might think- "oh, another diet book". Negative. This is a LIFE CHANGING Book! Kevin also speaks from his own real life experience, so it's authentic. Please do yourself (or someone you care about) a favor and check this book out (#amazon). I WILL be Eating the Sunlight.” 

- Rachel